Top Birmans for 2019

Top Birmans for 2018

The club currently has AGM trophies, to hold for a year and engrave with the exhibit name, for the Best Adult, Kitten & Neuter in each Pedigree colour or colour group (Torties, Tabbies & Tortie-Tabbies are grouped together), accompanied by handsome certificates, with Best Opposite Sex winners receiving a certificate. These are awarded on a points system calculated from show results. In addition, there are trophies (plus certificates) for Overall Best Exhibit, for Runner-Up Best Exhibit, for Overall Best Adult, Kitten & Neuter and the Best Opposite Sex winners, for Retiring Best Exhibit and for Top Prefix. And the Household Pet section is not forgotten: trophies and certificates are available: for Best Birman Pedigree Pet, Best Non-Birman Pedigree Pet, Best Non-Pedigree Pet and Best Household Pet Kitten (Pedigree / Non-Pedigree), with certificates for Best Opposite Sex winners. There are also trophies for Pedigree section Best of Breed winners at the Supreme Show, if owners are club members.

If you are a fully paid up Club Member, and enjoy exhibiting, please remember to claim trophies you will need to complete the appropriate forms and submit them by 31 January each year. You can print out the points system, points form, prefix points form and club class points form from this website. 

Trophy Secretary

Janet Osborn
0151 625 6641

Pedigree Claim Form and Points System Pedigree and Non Pedigree Pet Claim Form and Points System
Prefix Claim Form