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Earlier in the year we were asked to look into an advert placed by one of our members offering unregistered kittens for sale. After investigation we felt that not only was this was in breach of our code of ethics but the advert itself brought our club into disrepute.

As a result and in line with the procedures laid out in our club rules, the member was expelled from the club with effect from 27th May 2021.

N. Porter
Hon. Secretary

Committee Update 07/03/2021

We were unable to hold our 2020 AGM in April due to the COVID-19 outbreak; the original intention was to defer this to later on in the year and then to hold on the same day (and venue) as our show.

Unfortunately, we were unable to do this and it is still uncertain whether the GCCF will permit shows to resume at all this calendar year.

This has left our club (and many others) having to assess how we can best continue to operate until we can next have an AGM. In the mean time the committee are continuing to have virtual meetings on a regular basis so that we can continue to run the club; our favoured medium is Zoom.

We have taken advice from the GCCF on the implications of not having an AGM in 2020 and potentially not having one in 2021. They are happy that the club is operating properly, accounts are being examined and filed as before and all club returns submitted on a timely basis.

So, for the time being we will continue with running the club via our Zoom meetings and focussing on making sure that we are acting in the best interests of our members. There are changes that the committee feel we need to make, however wherever possible we will look to defer decisions until we can have proper debates at our next AGM.

In the absence of a club magazine, we will continue to issue club newsletters from time to time and of course we will continue to post updates on both our club website and Facebook page.

With effect from 1st March 2021, our Chairman Jim Warrender has stepped down from his position and has accepted a position on our committee so that he will continue to be very much involved with the running of the club. This change had been planned for some time and has given the committee time to achieve a smooth transition, however it goes without saying that we will all miss his leadership, wise words and calming influence. Nick Ensor will move from his post as Vice Chairman to become Chairman, and Peter Chaffe will become our Vice Chairman.

The Committee in full is now as follows Chairman: Nick Ensor Vice Chairman: Peter Chaffe Secretary: Neil Porter Treasurer: Paul Veal Committee members: Simone Ensor, Tracy Adams, Val Kilby, Judy Moore, Dawn Chaffe, Jenny Veal, Linda Russell, Tina Mason, Jim Warrender.

We now have 3 vacancies on the committee so should anyone feel they have the time and energy to join, please feel free to contact Neil Porter for further details.

In addition, Paul Veal is also looking to stand down as Treasurer so we are looking to find a replacement. Paul will of course offer support and advice during the handover period.

SGM 19/05/2019 Minutes

Minutes of the Special General Meeting held on Sunday 19th May are available to download.

SGM Minutes

Conclusion of the SGM

Following the Special General Meeting held on 29th January 2019, a meeting of the committee held on 10th March 2019 under Rules 2(h) and 2(i) considered the conduct of Ray Wigley, Marcia Owen and Nicky Butler and determined to expel all three members from the club.

Langford Vets Discount

Langford Vets offer all our club members a discount off their normal fee for diagnostic swab testing for blood groups and coat colours.

If you are not aware of the discount code please contact the Committe for more details.

Personalised Rosettes

Please contact a member of the Committee for details.