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The Breed Advisory Committee monitor the Birman Breed as a whole, and may make recommendations to the relevant breed clubs where necessary. Organise annual seminars, are responsible for sensible Breeding and Registration Policies, and the Standard of Points for the Birman Breed. Help to train Stewards and Probationer Judges, watch their progress, suitability and judging skills, and promote to Full Judge when the individual has completed the required criteria: and more importantly, is considered ready and able to judge this demanding but beautiful breed.  Please visit the Breed Advisory Committee website.

The Breed Advisory Committee is made up from representatives of GCCF member breed clubs, currently:-

The Birman
Cat Club

The Seal & Blue Point
Birman Cat Club

The Northern
Birman Cat Club

The Southern & South Western
Birman Cat Club

Some useful documents:-

Registration Policy

Standard of Points

Breeding Policy

2022 Club Rules

June 2003 Withholding Faults