The sad loss of Kath Instone of Lordstones Birmans.

Kathy was a member of the club and bred Birmans for over 30 years. Kath had a heart of gold and her beautiful Lordstones breeding will forever carry on her wonderful legacy. We still all feel her loss terribly. Note: there is a tribute to Kathy in the 2022/2023 Magazine. 

Elizabeth Brigliadori - Shwechinthe Birmans. 

Elizabeth and her daughter Kathryn Robson bred some wonderful Birmans over the years. Most of us will recognize that unique prefix of Shwechinthe in our pedigrees because of the wonderful and careful breeding they brought to our pedigree lines. Kathryn carries on breeding and exhibiting to this day. 

Sally Simmonds of Gayemaudi Birmans. 

The sad loss of this wonderful lady was a great shock to most breeders who knew her and her kind ways over many years of breeding Birmans. Sally always had the inside front cover of the magazine to show her beautiful cats both at stud and their achievements on the show bench. 

The moving comments on our Facebook page over her recent death, indeed pay tribute to how well thought of this lovely lady was. 

Jim Warrender

Jim served the club as treasurer for 17 years and then as Chairman.
At times he has been GCCF Delegate and sat on the BAC too. Also a trustee on the Welfare and Rescue. Very few club members have done as much in as many varieties of posts as he did, and not just for our breed but all breed shows and Household pets too.

It will take a lot of people to fill Jim's shoes.

Neil Porter
1 May 2022

It was with profound sadness that on the afternoon of 27 April I learned of Jim's death overnight, just before his birthday, having only two weeks earlier had the shock of hearing of his very recent attack of COVID-19 from which he was struggling to recover.

Jim was the best of good friends for many years, and a much valued Birman Cat Club colleague. I stayed with him many times with different cats in order to attend shows beyond my easy reach by train and he was so thoughtful and generous with his hospitality, and with his Christmas and birthday gifts. I have happy memories of many convivial restaurant dinners and Sunday outings to historic houses and other Yorkshire/Derbyshire places of interest, nearly always in a companionable threesome with Neil Porter. Because of the pandemic I had already long been missing the good times of those weekend visits, and the pleasure of his smiling face awaiting my arrival on the platform at Sheffield station, and now they won't come again.

For several years Jim and Neil were familiar figures at cat shows around the country manning the distinctive Birman Cat Club stand, and this, coupled with the sourcing of attractive and useful Merchandise to sell, was another of the several jobs to which he gave his time and energy in the service of the Club.

Jim always loved my very special Seal Birman boy Sunny (UK & Imp Gr Pr Lingcomb Endymion) and was upset when I had to give him the news of his passing just a year ago. It was he who urged me to bring Sunny out of retirement when the Olympian title came in, saying he would be so happy to welcome us and drive us to more distant shows, which he often did - what a kind and big-hearted gentleman!

Jim adored his cats, as we all do, and bred a good many lovely Birmans under his Tangletag prefix, notably his beloved stud boy UK Gr Ch Tangletag Sunset Glow (“George”) and Gr Ch Tangletag Golden Girl owned by Tina Johnson, and it was such a pleasure to him when George was able to spend quality time with him indoors after being neutered. I do hope he is now reunited with George, Sonny, Tequi, Megan, Anna-May, Nipper, Pebbles and the others of his past Birman family.

Rest in peace, dear Jim, you are going to be so much missed by your many many friends in the cat world.

Janet Osborn
Lingcomb Birmans
(& former Birman Cat Club Magazine Editor)
1 May 2022

Jim will be really sadly missed indeed by us, the committee and everyone that knew him. He was so involved with many different roles and hugely respected by us on the committee with his enthusiasm and ideas and love of the Birman Club.

It was Jim's encouragement, along with Janet Osborn, who had the faith and patience in me, to be able to do the magazine. He was always so pleased when it arrived and always thanked me and commented on the articles and layout. I could always approach him for any advice and he was a great support to anyone who needed him.

There will always be a gap now where Jim should be. But his memory and great influence will carry on always.

Linda Russell
4 May 2022

Melva Eccles

Melva Eccles who died on July 26th will be mourned not only by her family, but by a large circle of friends in the Cat Fancy.

She was loved and respected by many who appreciated her kindness and generosity. Melva bred some beautiful birmans, including Melvas Cressida the dam of my own many titled Francesca Frangipani (Tishy). But most people will remember her as the owner and breeder of Melvas Romeo, a magnificent seal point who dominated the Birman Show world during his career, mopping up titles and trophies whenever he competed.

She had a wide knowledge of homeopathy and alternative medication for both humans and felines, and was always ready to give advice and help. As a novice breeder I found her a great support and fund of information.

Harry, Melva’s husband died suddenly 23 years ago after which she devoted herself even more to her beloved cats.

Melva loved all cats, she loved her Birmans and her Turks and her Russian blues, and any in need of tender care. She always found time for the retired and the rescued.

We met some 35 years ago at one of my first shows when our neuters were in adjacent pens. Dukie and Teapot (the cats) became penpals and exchanged cards and mementos throughout their careers.

Age and distance meant that we saw less of one another in recent years, but I always thought of Melva as a special friend, one I could turn to for practical help and sensible advice, one who added humour and encouragement when I needed it, one I presumed would always be there.

Thank you Melva for being part of my life, I will take your advice and continue to wear purple, a red hat and remember you.

Anne Madden