Melva Eccles

Melva Eccles who died on July 26th will be mourned not only by her family, but by a large circle of friends in the Cat Fancy.

She was loved and respected by many who appreciated her kindness and generosity. Melva bred some beautiful birmans, including Melvas Cressida the dam of my own many titled Francesca Frangipani (Tishy). But most people will remember her as the owner and breeder of Melvas Romeo, a magnificent seal point who dominated the Birman Show world during his career, mopping up titles and trophies whenever he competed.

She had a wide knowledge of homeopathy and alternative medication for both humans and felines, and was always ready to give advice and help. As a novice breeder I found her a great support and fund of information.

Harry, Melva’s husband died suddenly 23 years ago after which she devoted herself even more to her beloved cats.

Melva loved all cats, she loved her Birmans and her Turks and her Russian blues, and any in need of tender care. She always found time for the retired and the rescued.

We met some 35 years ago at one of my first shows when our neuters were in adjacent pens. Dukie and Teapot (the cats) became penpals and exchanged cards and mementos throughout their careers.

Age and distance meant that we saw less of one another in recent years, but I always thought of Melva as a special friend, one I could turn to for practical help and sensible advice, one who added humour and encouragement when I needed it, one I presumed would always be there.

Thank you Melva for being part of my life, I will take your advice and continue to wear purple, a red hat and remember you.

Anne Madden