Welcome to the Birman Cat Club's Show News page for paid-up members to post their special success stories with their Pet Birmans and non-Birman pet cats shown in the Household Pet Section. We welcome your news of Best in Show wins and titles gained, and some stories will also appear in the club's magazine in the special section for show bench pets.

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Tia Drop – fondly known as ‘Tia’ at home is now an Imperial Grand Master Cat – still gliding through the shows – she has now embarked on the chase for the Olympian’s of which she recently gained her first two Olympian’s at a back to back show.

Tia Drop used to be shown in the Pedigree section when it became quite clear once gaining her Championship status and producing some lovely litters of kittens over a few years, would not meet the criteria for Grand material as she was quite petite in size. At this point, after having a chat with a good friend, I was encouraged to show her in the Pedigree HHP section and we thought, why not, she enjoys her outings and we did not want to leave her at home and what fun we would have. How right we were, when she turned up at her first PHHP show not only to take MC ticket, BOC but went onto gain BIS Pedigree Pet. This was the start of a glittering career in the Household Pedigree Section for Tia Drop and she has just taken it all in her stride. Three Master Cat Certificates, followed by 3 GMC Certificates, then 5 IMC Certificates.

Tia Drop reside at home with her mother who is now a grand old lady of 15 years of age and still is as active as ever. Tia dashes in and tells her mum Ch. & Pr. Nejen Sealed WithaKiss & TICA QGCA all about her day, mum promptly washes her and they settle down to eat, such funny antics and this happens every time we get home

The club's sincerest congratulations to Yvonne Glen and her lilac point Birman Willow who got her Grand Master Cat title and Best in Show Pedigree Pet at the Edinburgh and East of Scotland Cat Show on 21st July 2012! What a fantastic day for you all.

The club is delighted to salute a very special Pet Birman, Supreme UK Grand Master Cat TWIZZLE, the very first Birman UK Grand Household Pet exhibit.

Twizzle, a Blue point boy of 8 years old, went to the 2011 GCCF Supreme Show with his Grand Master Cat title, won his first UK Grand certificate by winning his Grand class of 6 cats, was chosen as Best of Variety Longhair Pedigree Pet, and then went forward to Supreme judging on the platform where he was chosen as Supreme Pedigree Pet. This win earned him his second UK Grand certificate and his prestigious "Supreme" title.

Very many congratulations to Twizzle, to proud owner Elizabeth Scott and to delighted breeder Nicky Butler!

Update on Twizzle's achievements............

I would like to thank Mrs Viv Lee for awardingTwizzle his final Imperial Master Cat Certificate at the Seal and Blue Birman Cat Club show on 6 September 2012.   Twizzle has done so well in the past year, he has been a lucky boy.   Thank you very much to all his judges, and to Mrs Lee for her lovely critique, and for awarding Twizzle BIS Pedigree Pet.

Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club
6th September 2012 - Mrs V Lee

Mrs E Scott, Sup UK GMC Twizzle MN. Imperial – Impressive large blue point with a beautiful expression. Broad head neatly placed ears, good blue eye colour with an attractive white chin spot. Good boning and body weight. His show preparation was excellent. Super boy very relaxed enjoying his day at the show. I was pleased to know I had made him up to an Imperial at the show and it was a great pleasure to award him BIS Pedigree Pet.

Warmest congratulations from the club to Supreme Grand Master Cat MISSY!  Three weeks after winning Best in Show Non-Pedigree Exhibit at our club show, where she won her third Imperial Grand, she has had another wonderful success - Supreme Non-Pedigree Pet at the GCCF Supreme Show - making November 2012 a month to remember for her proud owners Vicky and Steve Fletcher.  Missy is a delightfully friendly ginger tortie tabby who lost one of her back legs in a road accident - see her story in Household Pet Show News in the Summer 2012 club magazine
MOLLY MALONE gained her GRAND MASTER title at the Maidstone and Medway show on 15th December 2012. Molly was actually shown in the Championship classes and made Premier quite easily. However during a rest from the show bench she developed a small spot just above the dew claw. And lo and behold, she loved that one SO much she "grew" another one!! She loves showing off so I decided to hop her over to the Pedigree Pet side of showing. She made Master at the Cambridgeshire in 2012 and although we don't show overmuch these days, she finally made Grand Master in December. She will be four years old in May 2013 so hopefully we shall enjoy showing for some time to come.

Theresa Groves (Tofipuff Birmans)

Pedigree Pet, Misty won her final Olympian certificate at the Maidstone & Medway Cat Show on the 20th December and now has earned the title “Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Master Cat Misty. We were so overjoyed and then the icing on the cake was that she was awarded Best In Show Overall Household Pet too. What a fantastic day and a lovely Christmas present.

Lovis Passfield-Taylor

Kendalian Spook of Clubs

My cat has just obtained his first title. He is 1 year old and a Chocolate Point Birman shown in the Household Pet section. His title is now MC Kendilian Spook of Clubs.W we are so proud of him!

Abbie Toogood