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Owned by Alex and Colleen Smith


My name is Milly and I am a 2.5-year-old blue tabby point Birman. I am told that I am stunningly beautiful and have the loveliest blue eyes! I have perfect white paws and a long lovely coat. I started my life in the ordinary way, with my feline Mum and siblings, until I was taken from Mum and along with my sister we were adopted out together. I was happy to have my sister to play with, but after only about two months I became restless and was anxious to see what lay beyond the front door that kept opening. I could see a different world out there, so one day I planned my escape and scooted out when the opportunity presented itself!

Ooh! This was scary stuff now! Although intrigued by new scents and fascinating bugs, birds and so on, there were some things called cars racing past me, and terrible loud sounds I wasn't used to! I don’t know how long I was outside, but I found myself in a back garden somewhere and a kindly lady brought me inside. She could see I was very young (in fact only 5 months old) and skinny, but much prettier that any kitty she'd seen before. I was taken to a Vet; this was likely my third visit to one of these and I was getting a bit skittish about these vets. I was examined, estimated to be about 9 months old (they later found out I was younger) but no chip so they didn’t know where I belonged! I stayed with the nice lady for about two weeks and then I was turned over to the Birman Rescue where I was sent to a vet again, having more needles and things that hurt, as no-one knew I'd been vaccinated. A very kindly lady in the Rescue fostered me for several weeks, even getting me interested in toys to play with again.

My new Mummy and Daddy came and adopted me on August 18th 2016. They were thrilled with me! I was their new little 6-month-old baby! Boy, could I wrap them around my paws! I had a little trouble with the runs, so after a couple of days when it wouldn't clear, my new Mum packed me off to one of those vets yet again. Antibiotics and a diet of fresh plain cooked chicken did the trick, and how I loved the chicken! Mum would give it to me any time I asked for it. I gobbled it down and thrived on it, got bigger and bigger until I was fully grown.

I had two other new sisters, but one was very old and wouldn't play but we never fought. Mum and Dad were glad of that because, two weeks after I came, they lost Tilly to old age. (Part of my name came from Tilly so as to honour her memory.) I had Matchka, who was 11 at the time, to play with, so we became buddies. I liked to play with her and we would sometimes snuggle up together for a nap. Mum and Dad adopted two more Birmans in October 2015, Daisy and Lucy, because their Mum had died. So for two years there were four of us and we all got along fine. But I lost my buddy Matchka in June, to something Mum called kidney failure. It was sad and I missed her. I don’t have quite the same close relationship with my two sisters now, but we do run around the house playing and chasing one another. We just don’t cuddle up together. Mum says that's OK as long as we don’t fight. Mum and Dad were paranoid about the door, so afraid I might get out!! They watched me very closely to see I wouldn’t get out again as I don’t really understand the "car" thing.

They are always picking me up and giving me cuddles. I just look up adoringly into their eyes, and give Mum that slow little wink that tells her I love her too. I let Mum do anything she wants with me, from brushing my lovely coat, trimming my nails, even down to playfully opening my mouth and "checking my teeth". I can be saucy at times. I love to steal Mum's pencils, leaving them chewed for her to find later, so she hides them away from me, along with anything that is remotely sharp in the house like needles, toothpicks etc. I can't understand why?? All I want to do is play with them… Dad laughs when he's eating a toasted sandwich and I love to lick the crumbs off his plate! Mum can't understand why I can get fussy about my regular food on offer, but I just love to have a few licks from whatever they are nibbling on while watching TV.

One of my favourite pastimes is leaping onto Mum's lap and draping myself around her neck or across her lap tray as she reads or does some crafts. I do this all the time so she's used to it. The rest of the time I can be found on either Dad's footstool or beside them on the sofa. I prefer to be wherever Mum and Dad are. They are always laughing at the peculiar way I sleep! I don’t think it's strange as I feel perfectly comfortable but they certainly are amazed at my odd sleeping habits! My two sisters Daisy and Lucy like to lounge in the bedroom for their naps, so ordinary.

When Mum and Dad have been out somewhere, I also like to leap down the stairs at breakneck speed to greet them both at the door. I'm not really interested in the food they might offer at the time, just happy they're home. Daisy and Lucy come too but they're slow and dainty about their greeting, and usually want some food afterwards.

Another way I like to show my affection is at night. I can be fast asleep on the spare chair but if Mum gets up and goes to the "loo" I again leap down with a heavy thud and race up to her, whereupon I just love to have my face stroked and cradled. Mum picks me up and I purr like mad!! I love to show my soft loving nature and will sit in front of her until she picks me up. I do this every night just so she knows what a big softie I really am.

In spite of my laid-back placid disposition, Mum and Dad have trouble getting me to be nice to the Vet! This was my second year for getting my annual shots and I complained as soon as they got me into the surgery. They think it’s because I’d been to a few vets in my younger life, but then the Vet this year got excited, her voice rose and that scared me so I got mad. I hissed and jumped down off the examination table. The Vet got more excited and finally Mum had to grab me. The Vet got the job done but I hated it. Mum will try a different personality in a vet for me for next year. I find it all so traumatic! I just want to get back into my cosy little home and the world that I am familiar and happy with. I go out on a lead in the garden once in a while with Mum but that's as much of an adventure that she wants me to experience. I'm happy as long as I don't have to go to one of those vets.

I'm content just to be me, Milly, in a home where I'm deeply loved and cared for by Mum and Dad. They are pleased for my personality to shine and for me to be the cheeky but happy character that I am, a big playful Birman.

Colleen Smith

The Runner up in the Competition is 


Owned by Pauline Rowley

Hello, my name is Alfie or Kendalian Silver Bourbon if you want the posh version. My colour is chocolate silver tabby and because of this I could not be used in the Silver Birman breeding program, not that I am worried about that! I am three quarters Birman and quarter Chinchilla; my coat is very soft and does not have the under coat of a Chinchilla but it does knot more than that of my Birman friends. I have some white on my paws and greenish eyes, my ruff is really developing now and is silver in colour.

My mum says she saw my photo on Facebook when I was just 3 days old! She has always wanted another tabby cat and I seemed to fit the bill. But then she had to do a lot of persuading to tell Dad that I was the one and 5 cats weren’t too many. Actually, she thought that my oldest brother Sid may not be with us for very much longer, but Sid has proved everybody wrong and bless him he is still with us enjoying life. They say I am very good with Sid and don’t try playing with him. Dad fell in love with me as soon as he held me but then I did my purring routine and the “I love you” look, so who could resist! Actually, they say I have “Catitude” but I need to be a confident little fellow as, besides Sid, I have to share the house with Lottie, Archie and Marley. I love playing with them and now I am getting older we have fun together catching mice in the field next door.

I came to live with Mum, Dad and my furry friends at the beginning of January once the Christmas tree was down! It was a very foggy day and a 160 mile round trip for mum to collect me. I think the other cats wondered who had arrived to disturb their peace but lots of play time with everybody did help me settle in.

Then came the trips to the Vet! They found I had an umbilical hernia and as I needed to be castrated I had an operation to sort it all out. But I scored an instant hit with the vet nurses …..cuddles all round! After that I was allowed out in the garden and what a surprise, not only is the garden big but full of places to hide and snooze. They say I was very good coming when I was called and not venturing into the fields until I really knew my home territory.

About the same time more trips in the car followed but this time to the Cat Shows as a Pedigree Pet, and what an adventure that is: lots of different cats, some yelling their heads off! I don’t mind going as again I get lots of cuddles. The pre-show bath is bearable and I even put up with the hair dryer although the bigger I get the longer it takes to dry me so I do get bored and sometimes run off. At my first show as a kitten I had a Red Card Day, whatever that means but mum was overjoyed so it must be good! I repeated that at the Northern Birman Show and again at the Havana & Oriental, this time as an adult and at this show I also gained my Master Cat title.

Well, it was my 1st Birthday last week and what a year I have had growing up fast in the Cheshire countryside. I love joining mum in the garden and the greenhouse is always a good sleeping place, as are the bushes that I can hide under. I have grown into quite a big cat now weighing over 4kg but Dad is delighted as he always fancied a big cat. (I think he has a thing about tigers but I don’t think I’ll get that big!)

I must tell you my brother Casper is now going on to hopefully progress the Silver Birman line. Our other brother Mozart is a big cat too, they say, and living as a pet too.

Mum’s comment: "Alfie is just a joy to own and I am so grateful to Angela for allowing me to have this precious boy. He makes us smile every day and is a great stress buster! All our cats are precious and each and every one has a place in our hearts."

Pauline Rowley

Both stories are also published in the Spring 2018 of the Club's annual magazine

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