The Birman Welfare and Rescue Organisation

The Birman Welfare and Rescue is a registered charity dedicated to looking after all Birman cats.

It offers help and comfort to the bereaved, the lost and lonely and those suffering from neglect and cruelty.

The Birman Rescue, as it was originally called, was started by Theresa Cole (now a senior judge) in 1990 with no funds, no helpers and one pen in her garden. From then until 2007 the Rescue was nurtured and supported by members of the Birman Cat Club. It grew larger every year, with devoted Birman lovers volunteering time and organising fund raising.

In 2007, a Birman Club Committee subcommittee investigated and then applied for Charitable Status for the Rescue. This was granted in February 2008. From that date the charity became the Birman Welfare and Rescue Organisation. This was and remains a separate, standalone organisation run by a committee of trustees and responsible for its own financial affairs and fundraising. Since then it has grown in size and reputation. It is run completely by volunteers, organised by Co-ordinator Angie Walker, and overseen by the trustees.

Although no longer tied to any individual club, the Welfare and Rescue Organisation supports the welfare needs of The Birman Cat Club, the Southern and South Western Birman Cat Club and the Northern Birman Cat Club. It also receives needy Birmans from the RSPCA.

The Birman Cat Club, the Southern and South Western Birman Cat Club and the Northern Birman Cat Club all have designated committee members who keep in touch with Welfare and Rescue events and give an informal report to their respective AGMs.

The Welfare and Rescue Organisation has always made generous donations in support of Birman health and wellbeing, and paid for the 2018 Research into Birman Heart Research. It has twice (in 2014 and 2016) been awarded the BEST RESCUE AWARD by The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. It is the only Rescue Service to have received this award.

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Should you wish to learn more about the Birman Rescue and Welfare please visit their site at
Any requests for more information, for help or advice, or any questions or complaints, should be directed to the Welfare and Rescue Organisation or to one of their trustees. Contact details can be found on their website. The Birman Cat Club is unable to deal with Welfare and Rescue matters.